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19 June
You can now follow us on Twitter  :-)

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17 June
At last our new fields are usable. Just some brief snaps of some of the riding over the weekend. Sorry the quality of some of the images are poor but they were taken from a distance...

17 June
We are pleased to announce that we will be offering pony rides at Amport Village Fete on Saturday 13 July :-)

13 June
The new bespoke arena letters have arrived courtesy of Andover Rubber Stamps
No longer will we have "very battered M" or "missing C"

Following the instillation of our new arena letters, I was left wondering their origin.  As it turns out, the origin of the standard arena letters in not known. The letters were randomly introduced in the 1920 Olympics.  One popular theory is that, apparently, in the Old Imperial German Court the walls of the Royal Stable yard were marked with letters indicating where each groom would wait with the mount for the rider. 

K – Kaiser (King)

F – Furst (Prince)

P – Pferdknecht/Ostler (groom)

V – Vassal (servent)

E – Edeling/Ehrengast (Guest of Honor)

B – Bannertrager (Standard Bearer)

S – Schzkanzier (Chancellor of Exchequer)

R – Ritter (Knight)

M – Meier (Steward)

H – Hofsmarshall (Lord Chancellor)

Some versions of this story add  A- Ausgang (exit).  That still leaves C (and D, L, X, I, G for which we don’t’ have letters for in our arena) unaccounted for.